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Your Nursing home

Your new home is, FRONTIZO!

We are a unique, prototypical nursing facility for the elderly.
We first opened our doors in Thessaloniki in October 2009 with the sole purpose of providing top quality, safe living conditions to seniors.

Frontizo is a luxury Geriatric Center, equal to prototype centers in Switzerland and America, able to provide the elderly with an interesting, motivational yet extremely peaceful lifestyle.

The elderly residing at Frontizo are monitored daily by our team of physicians, they enjoy 24-hour nursing supervision and become part of a properly organized society, catered to their needs.

Frontizo residents include but not limited to:

-self-sufficient seniors, wishing to remain socially active, having additional medical and hospitality services

-non self-sufficient persons requiring 24-hour medical supervision and specialized hospitality services

-persons diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease

-persons who have undergone serious illnesses, are recovering from accidents, or after rehabilitation and are unable to return home because of further need of medical and/or recovery services


"Our vision is to offer your loved ones the support they need, in a warm and friendly environment. Our unique approach to our residents needs, has established us as the best facility in northern Greece. Here at Frontizo, seniors are treated with the outmost respect and dignity enjoying the most out of everyday life.

Thank you choosing us, giving us the opportunity to serve you.


Sincerely yours,

The Administration